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Annabel said:
Sunday, 8 Apr 2018
Very informative site, Do hope you can help me with my query. Many thanks Annabel
Sharon said:
Wednesday, 22 Oct 2014
Useful site and easy to understand - thank you
Simon said:
Wednesday, 9 Apr 2014
A fantastic sight with nonsense and jargon free information. Thanks
Tracey said:
Sunday, 25 Aug 2013
Usefull site this could help alot
DONALD said:
Thursday, 13 Jun 2013
In principle to thank you for the welcome best regards
Allison said:
Friday, 28 Sep 2012
Really useful site
Cecile said:
Wednesday, 30 May 2012
Hello, I would like to know whether laws concerning bullying and harassament (moral & sexual) were voted in UK or Ireland a long time before the laws on that topics were voted in France or in Belgium. Thank you for your attention, Yours sincerely, C├ęcile Gigot
Wendy said:
Thursday, 15 Dec 2011
A very useful site. Thanks
Beatrice said:
Sunday, 27 Mar 2011
I am registering so that I can keep in touch with the current events/laws that pertain to this issue. Sometimes I think employers take their employees, for a ride,and then just terminate theirservices when thy think the employee is not very well versed with the employment laws.
Sal said:
Sunday, 5 Dec 2010
Useful website so far, with clear and practical information
Peter said:
Friday, 4 Jun 2010
No comments . Thank you.
Marie-Ann said:
Saturday, 24 Apr 2010
A great resource for helping students know where they stand at work, during paid work placements.
Colin said:
Monday, 3 Aug 2009
I been reading up your notes on voluntary redundacy & trying to decide if its a sensible move at this present time. your info been of great use
Dolly said:
Tuesday, 23 Jun 2009
Found the information Working rights, age discrimination interesting and look forward to other articles in the same genre
Abdiqaadir said:
Saturday, 18 Apr 2009
I'll like to recieve your Newletter rhen be come a Member of this organisation. Thanks
Anonymous said:
Tuesday, 18 Nov 2008
I'm a Law student, part time employee and partner in a limited company. Your site has been most helpful in the past few weeks - thank you!
Susan said:
Saturday, 4 Oct 2008
Excellent- succinct and easily understood
Uche said:
Tuesday, 29 Jul 2008
Thanks for the website . Its good access to legal information
Paul said:
Friday, 29 Feb 2008
Great site, lots of white space -good clear concise info - very impressive